This is an article I posted in the church bulletin several years ago.  I still stand in wonder at the likes of Carey, Judson, Livingstone, Hudson Taylor, and the host of others who went and have made such and impact on this world for the Cause of Christ.  Who were willing to spend and be spent in order to preach the kingdom to every creature.  

As we begin our week of Mission’s Revival, I bring to a close the excerpts from the book “The Judson Offering.”  My own heart has been stirred and brought under conviction as I have followed the father of American Foreign Missions from the “Haystack Prayer Meeting” to the shores of Burma.  The imprisonment and the trials that those pioneer missionaries endured, not for vain glory or self gain but all for the Glory of God and to be allowed the privilege to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the benighted lands of the pagan heathen.  They held not their own life dear but lived only to do the will of God, counting themselves already dead to this world.  Where is that consecration today?  Where is that abandonment to God and His good pleasure today?  O, God where is that burden for lost souls today?

I submit the following poem written by Rev. James D. Knowles.   The original preface reads: “the following stirring appeal on behalf on the mission cause, is founded upon the eager inquiry once made by a poor heathen to Dr. Judson: ‘Art thou Jesus Christ’s man?’”

Art thou Jesus Christ’s man?

Redeemed by precious blood?Baptized into his death, and raised,In emblem from the flood?

Dost thou heed his last command-

“Preach my word in every land?” Art thou Jesus Christ’s man?His image dost thou bear-His love for guilty man, his zeal,His self-denial share?Canst thou see the Burman die,Hear unmoved his wailing cry? Art thou Jesus Christ’s man?Thyself hast freely given,To live for him alone, till HeShall call thee home to heaven.And wilt thou still refuse to go,To rescue men from endless wo? Art thou Jesus Christ’s man?And does He let thee live,Where freedom, peace, and plenty reign?And dost thou grudge to giveThy gold, to speed the gospel’s flight,And fill the world with truth and light? Art thou Jesus Christ’s man?This question must thou meet,When thou, with all mankind, shalt standBefore His judgment-seat.How wilt thou then endure His eye,And what! Oh! What, wilt thou reply?