Presentation in the Temple

Recently my husband and I went to the Ackland Art Museum, located on the campus of UNC at Chapel Hill, NC.  Since I have never been to this museum, I was unsure of what to expect.  I was hesitant as we entered the building because I supposed this place to be full of certain contemporary art pieces that are not my cup of tea.  My presuppositions were wrong. Encountering the culture through the art was an invigorating and enlightening experience.  We were able to view art from several eras and cultures.  I got to see statues of ancient rulers and pieces of pottery from across the globe.  I even got to study several Chines Hanging Scrolls as my husband explained the painting process behind them.  My favorite was the 1500’s European section.  I was awestruck by the beautiful brush strokes that depicted the apostles, prophets, and stories in the Gospels.    One piece that we studied was The Presentation in the Temple by Giovanni Battista Naldini.  This painting centers on Mary handing the infant Jesus to Simeon.  Naldini captures the emotion in Mary and Simeon’s faces that they must have felt as they saw the ancient prophecies being fulfilled before their eyes.  I was captivated!  Our college & career group plan on visiting another musuem in the near future and I can’t wait for another chance to engage the culture through art.  Bring it on!