I spent $15 for my co-pay and found out that I am fat.  So far that is all they can find wrong with me.  I knew that much $15 ago. 

  • Blood pressure: good  114/82
  • Eye sight: good  passed line 7 and colorblind test
  • Pulse: ok some where in the 70’s (dancing to disco in a Leisure Suit)
  • EKG: good, nothing out of the ordinary
  • chest x-ray: shows some fluid build up but not anything that falls in the “congestive” category.
  • I got the flu shot; so I’ll probably get a shot of the flu next week.  (yea, the glass IS half empty … so’s the head!)

Now we wait for the blood work, and they have scheduled me to go have an “Echo Cardio Gram” sometime next week.  Meanwhile I am on a fluid pill to see if we can shed some of this water weight.  (next thing you know I’ll start having hot flashes)  Right now all the Dr. had to say was, “So far as we can tell right now you’re biggest health concern is the weight.” 

  • Duh?!  What was the first clue?  The talking scale begging for mercy?  “Uncle, Uncle!”  (ba-rum-bum)
  • I just can’t believe they wrote “Poppin’ Fresh” on my chart: then kept poking my belly and giggling.  (ba-rum-bum)
  • I told them about being a camp counselor in the summer and they asked if I was there to provide the shade.   (ba-rum-bum) I gotta a million of ’em. 

There’s nothing like a little humor to liven things up… too bad that was nothing like a little humor.

(crickets chirping)


Ooo, tough crowd, tough crowd. 



I am thankful for the good report so far.  It could be much worse!  I have no complaints and I have been joking at my own expense but the truth is I am very thankful for the health that I have.