Adoration of the LambThe Adoration of the Lamb

I came across an interesting post today on a blog ran by Dale Fincher (I have also added this highly recommended blog to the sidebar by the way).  In the post, Dale referenced a recent article in Christianity Today by Philip Yancey.  The thesis of the article, as well as Dale’s post, is that the church (especially in the past couple of centuries) has largely abandoned cultural engagement and the arts.  Rather than paraphrase, allow me to quote a portion of his post:

While progress is being made to correct [this] theological misunderstanding and attitude in the church, it is slow…Humans, especially those who love and know their Maker, aren’t merely to engage culture, but to create it. It can’t be helped. Are we creating quality or poor culture? Those are our only options.  

I found the final two sentences to be particularly piercing.  I’m afraid that evangelicals have done quite a poor job in regards to creating quality culture.  And if we’re not creating quality culture then there is only one other option…

Also, check out this series of mp3 lectures by Jerram Barrs courtesy of Covenant Theological Seminary.  Besides the excellent teaching concerning apologetics and evangelism, Barrs does an excellent job communicating the same theme as above.