Leading up to our meetings with Evangelist Milton my concept of Revival was, I am sure, like most of yours in that I was praying for a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  I was looking for a “filling” of the Spirit.  In truth I was looking for a “feeling”.  This week I learned that God answers prayers asked amiss.  I had missed the mark by a mile in my perception of revival.  Allow me to explain.

            My perception of revival was that I could prepare myself and stand waiting for the Lord to move in some type of emotional or spiritual manifestation.  What I learned as Christ revealed to me through His servant Brother Milton was that revival is the opening of our spiritual eyes to the truth that is already prepared for us.  Revival is a re-focusing of our attention on the things of God, even the deeper things of God.  It is a revelation to the individual of his relationship to and fellowship with Jesus Christ the Son of God.  It is the answer made real to the question, ”Who, Am I?”

So who am I?  I am dust of the earth.  I am miry clay that the Creator is forming for His good pleasure.  I am a nothing aside of what my Lord makes of me.   I have no intrinsic value.  I am worthy only of the wrath of God.  The real question then becomes “Who am I in Christ?”  In Christ I am a child of the King, a son and an heir. (Romans 8:17)   I am of the royal priesthood. (I Peter 2:9)  I am an ambassador for Christ to the world around me. (2 Corinthians 5:20)  I am not boasting in the flesh because the flesh is reckoned dead and Christ now lives in me. (Galatians 2:20)  This is not being told to build us up but to humble us with the very thought that God so loved us… moreover God so loved me that He would give His only Son to die in my place that I might be saved and be eternally with Him. I have not believed, truly believed who I am in Christ, else I would live more victoriously.

My Christian walk with my Lord and Savior has been so sub-standard that as I look around me I see what a pathetic creature I am.  My righteousness truly is as filthy rags.  I have been trying to live this life on my own without realizing the vast resources at my disposal through Christ.  Therein lies Revival.  Revival is not an entity unto itself.  Revival is the Holy Spirit revealing the riches of Christ we have at our disposal, the vast resources He already has waiting for us since the instant He saved us.  We are sons and daughters what good thing is the Father going to withhold from us? (Mathew 7:8-11) Put down the cup, the bottle and the thimble, wade out in the river and be filled!  We settle for the few drops of blessing in our dry and parched souls when we could be drinking deeply at the Spring of Living Water.

My soul, I have been wandering in the wilderness.  God is not withholding His blessing from me on a whim.  God has not given to me before because I have not asked in faith, fully believing who I am in Christ Jesus.  “I” keep getting in the way so that God cannot bless me and mature me as one of His children.   Not I but Christ, Not I but Christ, Not I but Christ, lives in me!   O, that we I would live every second of our my life proving this truth.,  what Revival we I would have!  

The evangelist has sown the seed and he sowed liberally.  We are now left to feast on the meal the Holy Spirit has spread before us.  When anyone asks you, “Hey, did y’all have “REVIVAL?” up at the church?”  Look them right in the eye and tell them, “Yes, Praise God we did!”  Yes we did and thank God we still are.  Now we are looking for the Quickening work of the Holy Spirit.  (Revival restores life to the believer, quickening brings new life to those without it.  But that is another sermon.)