A handful of like-minded fellows (and one gal) reflect on things like theology, philosohy, the arts, life, religion, experience, and other stuff.

The Quadrivium Team

imag0009.jpg Josh

steph.jpg Steph (the one on the left)

apsullivan-128.jpg Aaron (apsullivan)

persifler-48.jpg  Donny (persifler)

mdhearn-48.jpg  Matt (mdhearn)


13 Responses to “About Quadrivium”

  1. mdhearn Says:

    I hope we get more than one gal – I like gals… in a sisterly sort of way, of course.

  2. Josh Says:

    Well, if you know any gals that are interested, sign them up for an interview 🙂

  3. mdhearn Says:

    I’ll try to get my wife to interview with you… you may know her already. Nevermind, she just rolled her eyes at me.

  4. See our 3 word phrase Mark, “You’re SomeOne Special” with the red “O” @ http://www.soshelp.com

    If you want more info re. this Mark just ask. Frank

  5. Mark Says:

    I am wishing to quote from your posted essay “Much Ado About Nothin: Nihilism and Modernist Literature,” for a college course. How would I do so? Is it written by you? I think I would need you last name at the very least. Any help soon would be greatly appreaciated, ASAP.

  6. Josh Says:

    Hi Mark. Yes, I am the author of the post and, feel free to quote as much as you like. You might want to make sure with your instructor that my post is an appropriate source however.

    In regards to citation. Just google mla or apa (or whichever citation style that your course is using) for website citations. I know that you need the author’s last name, the date, and the web address.

    btw, what is your writing topic?

    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Mark Says:

    The topic is “The Sun Also Rises: Ernest Hemingway and the use and misuse of and understanding and misunderstanding of Solomon’s Ecclesiastes” for my grad school wisdom literature course. Can you eamil me you last name? And any rational for why I should be allowed to quote you in my paper.

  8. Isaac Says:

    Hey I totally love your blog guys. This is really hard material for the defense of the faith. I hope to pursue apologetics and I think this blog just pushed me further.

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  10. Johanna Farquhar Says:

    Hi Josh,

    I too am hoping to quote from your essay Monty Python’s Parody of Knighthood (Part 1). Is it possible you could email me your last name so I am able to cite the correct work?

  11. Arka Says:

    Hi Josh,

    I’m hoping to quote from your essay; “The Nature of Truth (Part 1): What is Truth?”. Is it possible for you e-mail me your last name so that I may be able to cite it properly? Thank you!

  12. John Says:

    What’s going on in this site lately? Any interest in reviving? If so, I’m interested in contributing.

  13. Melanie Says:

    Josh, can I ask what is your last name? I’m using a quote in your “The Nature of Truth (Part 1) web article for my essay and I would like to give you credit in the works cited page.

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